Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tooth woes

Matt had some dental work done just a few weeks before his mission. He was a little worried because the teeth stayed sore. We were worried too, and after he entered the MTC and the pain continued, we encouraged him every week to be aggressive in having the problem looked at. He eventually did go to the dentist again, and things seemed to get better for a while. In his letter last week he said the teeth were in great shape.

Then suddenly, we heard again this week that he was back to the dentist — endodontist, actually. On the Thursday before he was scheduled to leave for Chile, Matt had a root canal! (Doesn't he look like he's having fun in that photo taken in the dentist's office?) They are going to rush the crown and hope to get it put on Monday, so he'll still be able to fly out on Tuesday. Argh! Too close for comfort!!

The fun thing about this event is that Matt called his mother to clarify some questions about insurance — three calls, actually! Bonnie was quite shocked to hear his voice on the phone, but very delighted. She was careful to keep the calls "mostly business" and not abuse the privilege of talking to her son. But I think she really enjoyed hearing his voice.

Lucky Mom! Dad is jealous!!

We should have a formal, official chance to talk with him on Tuesday afternoon when he calls us from the airport.


  1. Bummer. Reminds me of his dad with his broken arm in the MTC.

  2. Ooooohhhh I'd forgotten about that!