Wednesday, May 13, 2009

¡Hola, Santiago!

We received an email this morning that indicates Matt has arrived save and sound. He wrote this from his mission president's account (Pres. & Sis. Jones):
I'm just letting you know real quick that I made it to Chile, or as Sister Jones said, that Chile does exist. haha It was a good flight not a lot of sleep for anyone but I didn't expect to get a lot. It was a good flight though. The lady in front of us was a Chilean, I don't know if that's right haha anyways she was also LDS she talked to us, Elder Callis and me, about missionary work and what Chile is like and things like that. It was really nice. Oh real quick something kind of funny. So I was sitting with Elder Callis on the plane flight and when he asked for another coke the flight attendent said, I thought you didn't drink caffeine. We kinda laughed and said well we can we don't drink drinks with large amounts of caffeine because that can get addictive, like coffee. so that was a nice experience for me.
Now we're really looking forward to P-day next Monday!!

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